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2015 Canada Winter Games
— Semi-Final Team Results

2015.02.28 10:04 New

BC girls are in the finals against the Ontario team at 3:30pm. BC boys are in the bronze match against Quebec at 6:30pm.

2015 Canada Winter Games
— Pool Results

2015.02.26 10:07 Recent

BC girls finish first in their pool. BC boys finish second in their pool. Semifinals today.

3:30pm BC girls take on Manitoba. 6:30pm BC boys take on Ontario.

2015 Canada Winter Games
— Michèle Garceau is Golden!!!!!

2015.02.25 19:49 Recent

Michèle defeats Madlen O'Connor 9-11, 11-8, 11-8, 11-4 to win Canada Games Gold! @GoTeamBC #wearebc #CGSquash

2015 Canada Winter Games
— Michèle Playing for Gold

2015.02.25 10:14 Recent

You can view live streaming of most of the matches, including Michèle's Gold Medal match tonight 7pm, at:

You can view all the results of both team and individual competition here: CWG Squash Results.

In-House Doubles
— Week of March 2nd, 2015

2015.02.25 09:09 Recent

The In-house Doubles schedule for the week of March 2nd is now on-line.

2015 Canada Winter Games — Prince George, BC

2015.02.24 13:38 Recent

Our very own Evergreen Junior program graduate, Michèle Garceau, is on team BC and won her first individual match 3-0. Matches are being streamed live at

Coach Ben Uliana is blogging the team’s adventure at if you’re interested in updates on Team BC’s progress.

Evergreen Juniors at BC Jesters Junior Open

2015.02.22 08:16 Recent

The 46th annual B. C. Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Squash Championships were held February 13 - 15, 2015 at the Cedar Hill Squash Club. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Evergreen juniors who participated in the event.


In-House Doubles
— Week of February 23rd, 2015

2015.02.21 09:36

The In-house Doubles schedule for the week of February 23rd is now on-line.

In-House Doubles
— Week of February 16th, 2015

2015.02.13 13:43

The In-house Doubles schedule for the week of February 16th is now on-line.

Vancouver Premier League

2015.02.09 09:29

The Vancouver Premier League moves its matches to different local clubs to give all the Greater Vancouver squash players an opportunity to watch some of the best local players in action. Evergreen got 2 sessions this season.

This Wednesday, February 11, is one of them. Matches start at 6:45pm. Why not come down to the club and enjoy some of the best squash available in the area.

Dynamic Warm-up

2015.02.08 09:01

We are sure most of us are aware that a dynamic warm-up is in our best interest before hitting the squash court — for injury reduction, but also for performance. And, we are equally sure few of us actually do so. Here are two options, both of which don't need to take more than 5 minutes. Or, you could try combining the best, for you, of both.

The first example is provided by Teamworks Health Clinic on the Squash BC site. And the second is the basic warm-up Alicia teaches in her clinics (bottom of the page).

Bedtime 'has huge impact on sport'

2015.01.31 16:13

Are you an owl or a lark? And what time do you play #squash? @BBCSport say larks peak at noon, and owls before 8pm.

In-House Doubles
— Week of February 2nd, 2015

2015.01.30 08:57

The In-house Doubles schedule for the week of February 2nd is now on-line.

2015 Canada Winter Games Team

2015.01.23 07:41

The 2015 Canada Winter Games will be held in Prince George February 13 to March 1. Squash will be contested in Week 2, February 23 - March 1. Squash BC has announced it's squad for the Games.

Michèle Garceau, one of our junior program graduates, has been selected for the team (Women U19). Congratulations Michèle!


Club Objectives & Conduct Guidelines

2015.01.23 07:36

The Board of Directors have issued a couple of items all members should have a look at. The first is what they perceive the club's objectives to be. The second is a guideline on member conduct.

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