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2013 Western Canadian Doubles Squash Championships

The 2013 Western Canadian Doubles Squash Championships will once again be hosted by the Evergreen Squash Club:
2013.11.12 – 2013.11.17.

$1000 Total Prize Money for Mixed Open!

Total prize amount subject to change.

The tournament chairs, Cathy Covernton & Tim Martin, wish to encourage all local squash players' participation.

How to Enter

On-line registration is now closed.


Random photo of doubles action at a Western Canadian Doubles tournament


Tournament Details

Check the sidebar for dates, times and such.

Local play may begin Tuesday, 2013.11.12 if necessary.

Eyeguards are mandatory.

Winners must referee the next match.

Vancouver Lawn & Tennis requires white attire. Coloured team uniforms are not permitted.

Entries inlcude:

  • 2+ matches per event, tournament souvenir, & beverage ticket
  • Friday Night: registration desk open, pizza and inexpensive beverages!
  • Saturday Afternoon: Come down to watch the Mixed Open Semi-Finals at 6pm and 7pm. Hors d'oeuvres and beverage specials will be served during the semi-finals.

    Since Saturday night is in a state of flux, you should take the opportunity to take in the free hors d'oeuvres (members, players, sponsors & guests). Come by Saturday afternoon and watch some entertaining semi-final matches.

  • Saturday Night: Location and details of “after party” to be determined.
  • Sunday: wine & cheese, as usual, following the finals
  • Prizes

Registration desk will be open Friday evening.

Previous Years

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2013 Western Canadian Doubles poster